You can Build An Awesome 20' Flat Bottom Plywood Canoe

For Under Two Hundred Dollars

This Shop Manual Will Show You How

Build your own canoe for under 200 dollares, build it in 40 hours or craft it over time. Take pride in owning a canoe. Imagine, camping with the family on an island in the lake. Quiet Sundays or shooting rapids. Step by step instructions, with 137 photographs, New and improved plans

Canoe inner stem  setting up table saw to cut sides  Useing a jig to mark for screw placement at butt joints  Canoe walls and bulkheads assembled  Measuring and marking for seat placement  Seat glued and screwed  Canoe finished and painted, waiting to carry out of the basement



Hello! We had a fantastic time building our canoe and could not have done it without your manual.
Thanks so much!


Bradley out and enjoying the canoe

This could be you,

enjoying your new Canoe

It is a simple Build.


Invite all the family

and friends to go Exploring.


Your manual has many helpful photos that I was able to reference back to on many occasions.
The explanations were clear that I was able to follow them without a hitch.

This manual comes in PDF format as well.


Build A 20' Flat Bottom Plywood Canoe With This Workshop Manual

And now Plans for a 12' canoe included as well

Also Tips on Adjusting for any size Canoe


Partly finished canoe, showing outer stem and chine installed.

With The money you save building this canoe, you could nicely out fit it, with all of the camping gear that you'll need.



I am currently teaching trades and technology at the local high school. I myself am a journeyman carpenter, but not a boat builder! Since we live on an island, I found it most fitting to learn to make boats with the class.


I found your site through Google, and at the outset I was sort of reluctant to buy the manual, as I have seen other sites that offer building manuals but haven’t heard good things about them. But I bought it anyways, and so far, so good!


I looked through the entire manual and I was actually thinking the other day ‘I should get a hold of this guy and leave comments/suggestions!’ and now that we are in contact, I will definitely do so!


I will be using this manual in the class.

I will continue using this manual for future shop classes.


Thanks again, I hope people continue to buy it and use it in the years to come!

Why A Flat Bottom Canoe ???

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Canoe finished and painted, waiting to be carried out of the basement.

Why Build Your Own Canoe ???


Building your own canoe is cost efficient. You can build this canoe at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a ready made manufactures model.


You can make modifications that suit you and your needs. Such as seat placement/height. Motor placement. The number of modifications are only limited to your choices.


I plan to use my boat for the summer and then maybe build a smaller version.


The Biggest Reason That You Want A Flat Bottom Canoe Is:

The Flat Bottom Canoe is the choice of the worlds greatest adventurers, Albert Faille, Dick Turner, R.M. Patterson, men that choose this style of canoe for stability in rough waters, and ease of glide, through calm waters.



Why You Need This Shop Manual ???



It Is The Only One Of Its Kind


Using This Manual You Can Build This Canoe


An Exhaustive Written Description Of Each Step In Building


This Workshop Manual Has In Excess Of 111 Photos

> This Workshop Manual Has Several Helpful Videos


Many Examples Of Beautifying The Vessel


Modifications To The Original Plans


Precise Measurement How To's


Extra Tips, To Save Time


Screwing Tips


Cutting Tips


Gluing Tips


Shaping Tips


Sanding Tips


Wood Filling Tips


How To Oar This Vessel


Sealer, Paint, and Stain Tips


How To Secure And Stow Paddles


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



Yes please send me the newest version, I am building one now, but am planning on building a second, so all of our scout troop can go on an adventure with them. Thanks

Below Is An Example Photo

That You Will See In The Manual

All Photos Are This Size

Demonstrating how the chine needs to be rasped up to the level of the bottom of the bulkhead.



And Nice Close-up Shots

To Help You See All Of The Step By Step Processes

This photo shows:

"When dry fitting pieces don't sink the head into the wood, save the drive it home, for the final glue fit"


How the head of a screw should look for dry fitting parts.



A Video Example


This Is The Best

Flat Bottom Canoe Building Manual

That You Will Find Anywhere



This Manual Has 137 Photos, Video Shots

And Very Detailed Instruction



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If You Have Any Questions Please Contact Me

If I'm anywhere near land I'll reply right away.



I really enjoyed the plans, however my computer crashed and I lost all files, so if possible please forward the updated version.


Using the oars to power the canoe.

Building The Flat Bottom Canoe

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Building The Flat Bottom Canoe