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Clark TX-150 Jungle Hammock Proto-Type Test

By: Bradley SaintJohn


Heads Up on a new Hammock from Clark Jungle Hammocks
Alterations to the Tropical 2:
Enter the TX-150

Funny thing, I have purchased enough Clark Hammocks, that when I ordered this last one, a Tropical 2, although I was looking forward to it, I wasn't all that anxious for it to arrive.

But after talking to Spencer at Clark about "Have you thought of doing this to the Tropical" And him saying, "Yea we have thought of it, but being very busy, we haven't had the time to devote to R&D"

We talked at length and when we were done, I thought cool, they will likely do some high level talks and one day . . .

So I get home that night to an email from Spencer, where he says: Okay, so we’ve had time to talk about getting going on the Tropical (alterations), We think you’ll like what we’ve come up with to solve some issues. We will have the prototype ready in a couple of days. Here’s the question: Do you want your Tropical that you just ordered to be the new prototype to test?
Let us know.

My first and immediate thought was 'well yeeeeaaa'

That was 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I have been on the edge of my seat the whole time.

So it has arrived, and I am waiting for the weekend to do a test hang and take some photos.

Sitting on the edge of my seat


Trying it out.

It was a very windy day so I never got out till later.


In this report I will need to compare this TX-150 to both the Tropical 2 and the NX-150 as it is a hybrid of the two.


Being that I own two Clark Jungle Hammock models, I have come to realize that the lay in one is different than that of the other. And I can only attribute that to the spreader bars.


My first hammock was the NX150 and that choice was made after much contemplation. I have owned and used it for the better part of a year, in summer and winter too as cold as -13°C using the Z-liners and Thicker DIY pads stuffed with quilting material, and yes I will agree that that is not the best choice, but with a good bag ended up to warm.


I had become very comfortable with the NX-150, and then was offered an opportunity to think about going to the jungles of Samoa, and or Vanuatu.  When I thought of that trip, I felt that the NX-150 might be a little warm with the pockets underneath the bed, and figured that is why Clark offers a Tropical 2 model, so ordered one. When I received that one I immediately tried it and that is when I found the lay to be different. Not bad only different. And I am not sure I can put it into words, except to say that I prefer the lay of the NX-150.


As it turns out I know a Missionary in Mozambique that is going to the Congo and I felt he really needed a Jungle Hammock so sent him the Tropical 2 that I had, and therefore needed to order another for myself. That is when I thought that a  Tropical 2 with spreader bars would be the ultimate tropical jungle hammock, and that maybe I should ask Spencer at Clark what he thought of it.


Deploying the TX-150:

As with any of the Clark JH, I have found that the simple two line suspension system, results in a quick and easy setup. I have the hammock packed in a stuff sack foot end first, because when I am setting up I am thinking of where the head end should be. After roughly mentally calculating the amount of space between the tree and the TX-150, I tie the head end using the drip-ring method. Using the drip rings the hammock tension or droop is easily adjusted.


One of my first thoughts is, "Well I kind of miss the attached fly system that the Tropical 2 utilizes", but that thought quickly fades as I insert the spreader rods. As with all Clark JH, this TX-150 is a good looking unit, and the amazing quality of workmanship stands out, first and foremost. You will not find a loose thread hanging anywhere, and all stitch lines are arrow shaft straight. The bed is a full two ounce rip stop material, providing a solid long lasting lay, as well as being the only hammock bed that has been developed to be 100% impenetrable by mosquitoes. And I think that is worth mentioning as other hammock manufactures toot the lightness of the beds in their units to attract the ultra-light back-packers.


With the spreader bars inserted and while laying in the TX-150, I am reminded of the total spacious environment, and roominess that the spreader bars create.


At this point with the no-see-um bug netting unzipped, I reached up to un zip the weather shield at the head end. I was easily able to reach and accomplish this task without having  to get up and out of the hammock. I was happy for that, as re-zipping in the middle of the night because of a weather change would be easy as well.


With the pockets of the TX-150 not under the torso I can really feel the coolness of the lay as I did when comparing the Tropical 2 to the NX-150.


Over all I am very impressed with the new TX-150 model, and give my full support to including this as an excellent choice in the Clark Jungle Hammock line of products.


If you are contemplating the need for a cool lay in a hammock I would highly recommend the roomy feel of the CJH TX-150.


PS: The weather during this test was overcast and cool . . . I will be adding photos to this review as time allows.





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TX-150 Hung with the right amount of sag for being M/T


Always remove your footwear.


I could have put my boots in the pockets

But  I'm just testing the lay.


With the Weather Shield tucked away and the Head Shield up

I can feel the coolness of the bed compared to the NX-150.


I thought that I would try releasing the Head Shield while laying in.



And it worked quite well for a first try.










Very roomy, and sorry that I didn't think till now

to get my daughter to photo a head shot

to show my shoulders and how much

room there is there as well.


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